Writing Effective Cover Letters and Application Letters (Templates and Tips)

Need a cover letter, a letter of interest, or a thank-you letter? Use Career Guide's letter-writing tips and templates to create the best cover letter and make a lasting first impression.

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Cover letter or application letter

How do you write a cover letter?

What makes a good cover letter? Take advantage of these tips and samples to create a lasting first impression.

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Can I include an application letter with my resume?

Yes, include an application letter (known as a cover letter) with your resume when you can. Use these examples to make a great first impression.  

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Are there cover letter templates or cover letter examples I can download?  

Yes, we've got templates and examples to get you started.

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Reference letter

Are there reference letter templates I can download?  

Yes, you can download or customize these sample reference letters. Learn what it is and what to include.

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Follow-up or thank-you letter

Do I send a follow-up letter after my interview? 

Yes, we recommend sending a follow-up letter. Learn what it is, why it’s important, when you should send one, and what to include.

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How do I write a thank-you letter that makes a lasting impression?

Send a thank-you letter after an interview, a referral, or an event invitation. It shows gratitude and appreciation. Here’s how.

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How do I use a letter of introduction? What is it?

A letter of intro connects two people you know.

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Letter of resignation

How do I resign if I want to keep a good relationship with the company?

Here are some tips on resigning with grace from your current company.

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Adding, Uploading, and Submitting Cover Letters

Look for these common questions and answers when using Indeed to apply for a job or when you apply for jobs on an employer’s website.


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