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Writing Captions for Images on Company Pages

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Share your joyful workplace moments by uploading up to five images on Company Pages. Part of this process involves writing a short image description for job seekers who have accessibility needs. This page describes how to include helpful alternative text so that everyone can understand your positive workplace culture.


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Our goal is to get as many people to experience your workplace. That's why we require each image to include a caption in the Caption field. Learn more on Accessibility at Indeed


Anyone who hovers over the thumbnail image can read the caption and better understand the context of the image. These short blurbs are also known as alternative text or alt text. Alt text accommodates people who use screen readers.

Adding quality image captions takes a little more effort. Here are a few reasons why it's worth it.

  1. Creates a positive first impression of your company.
  2. Allows future colleagues a way to hear and learn about office culture and employee experiences when using screen readers.  
  3. Replaces the images when the worker chooses not to view them or if the image doesn’t load. 

How to write alt-text

A caption is required when uploading an image to a Company Page. 


  • Think how you would describe what's happening to a friend over the phone.
  • Give context, not just details.
  • Use short sentences to be clear.
  • Capitalize the first word in each sentence.
  • End each sentence with a period.


  • Don't use the phrases “picture of” or "image of."
  • Use more than 120 characters.
  • Be clever or fun. People rely on this information to understand what the image means. They need your help with context, not funny puns.
  • Use quotation marks.
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