Viewing Your Applied Jobs

This page shows you how to use the Apply section in My jobs to check on the status of your job applications.

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This article explains how the Applied section works in My jobs. You can manage your application status and history here, and we'll explain how indexed and hosted jobs show up.

How indexed and hosted applications work

  1. The Indeed Hiring Platform automatically moves hosted jobs to the Applied section. 
  2. The job will stay in Saved or move automatically if you apply elsewhere.

You can also get details about:


Advance a saved job to the Applied section

Go back to the My jobs: Saved article to review moving jobs from Saved to Applied.


Update your application status 

Click or tap the Update status button. You'll see one of the labels below above the job title. Employers won't see your choices.

  • Interviewing
  • Offer received
  • Hired
  • Not selected by employer
  • No longer interested


Manage your application status

If job application isn't showing up, ask:

  • Was the application completed on another company's website?
  • Did you apply using a different Indeed account or email address?
  • Was the application completed more than 6 months ago?The job listing gives you the option to manage your application and update the application status. This job's status label is Not selected by employer.

Important: You may see what's in the screenshot or something similar.

Open the menu.

Click or tap the 3 dots Button that opens the options menu. to:

You'll see an Applied label above the job title if you move a saved job to Applied. As a reminder, you'll also see the application date.


Problem: I want a copy of my full application history.

You can get a history of jobs you applied to using Indeed's hiring platform by filling out the Personal Data Request form.

Problem: My applied jobs were there yesterday, but they aren't there anymore. 

Refresh your web browser and then try clearing your cache and cookies.


Why can't I see the job I applied to in My jobs?

Indeed only tracks applications if you use Indeed's Hiring Platform. If you apply for jobs on other websites, we recommend keeping a record of every application.

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