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Job Seeker FAQ for D2I (Direct to Interview)

I see the ‘Interview Times Available’ message on an Employer’s job listing on Indeed. What does this mean?

This means the Employer has provided their availability for an interview along with their job listing. When you apply to the job, you will have the option to book an interview if you successfully pass the Employer’s screening questions. You will receive an email if you are successful and you will have the option to pick an interview slot from the availability provided by the Employer. 


What happens if I have technical issues on the day of or during the interview?

In case you face technical issues on the day of the interview or during the interview, you can contact our Job Seeker Success team using our live chat function. You should see the option for this when you sign into your Indeed Job Seeker account.

Before the interview starts, you will have the option to provide your phone number where the interviewer can call you in case of any technical issues (internet connection, camera, microphone etc.)


In the event that the interview availability provided by the Employer is not suitable for me, can I suggest a different time? 

Yes, you should see the option to contact the Employer in the email you received to book the interview. Here you can provide your alternative availability, which will then be shared with the Employer who will then confirm the interview.


I received a confirmation email from Indeed about my interview, but no email from the Employer. Will the Employer send me any additional confirmation of the interview?

If you received a confirmation email from Indeed that the interview is scheduled, the interview is confirmed and you can join it at the scheduled date and time.  A reminder email will also be sent out on the date of your interview.


If I have confirmed the date/time for the interview, am I allowed to reschedule the interview if my availability changes?

We understand if something comes up and you may want to reschedule or cancel the interview. You can do so by clicking on the "Cancel or reschedule" button in the confirmation email.


Can I attend the interview on my phone?

Yes, you can click and join the interview through your phone, but it is advised to attend your interview on a desktop/laptop in a quiet and well lit environment.


What happens after the interview? 

The Employer will advise on the next steps following your interview. It’s also possible for the Employer to send you another invite for a second interview. 


Will the option to schedule an interview be available for every job I apply to on Indeed? 

No, the option to schedule an interview is available only for certain job listings that have the “Interview Times Available’ message. If you see this message and successfully pass the screener questions after applying, you will have the ability to select a time slot and schedule your interview.

For jobs that do not have the “Interview Times Available’ message, after you have submitted your application, the Employer will follow up with you if they would like to schedule an interview.

How long will the interview last?

This depends on the Employer. The Employer can select interview slots of either 30, 60 or 90 minutes, which you can see when you book the interview. 


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