How Do I Replace an Existing Resume on My Account?

How to replace an Indeed Resume

If you currently have an Indeed Resume that you built on our site, you can replace it by clicking ‘Delete my Indeed Resume’ on the right side of your Resume. Please note that by deleting your Indeed Resume, your Profile section will also be deleted. When you upload a new resume, you may need to re-enter information in your Profile section.

Once you have deleted your Indeed Resume, you can upload a new resume file by clicking ‘Upload your resume’ and selecting the file you’d like to upload from your device. If you do not have an existing file to upload and you’d like to create a resume from scratch, you can go through the Indeed Resume creation process by clicking the option to ‘Create a new resume.’


How to replace an original resume file that is saved to your account

If you currently have your original resume file saved to your account instead of an Indeed Resume that you created on our site, you can easily replace it by clicking the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the Resume page. After clicking the three vertical dots, a drop-down menu will appear with the option to ‘Replace.’ Simply click ‘Replace’ and choose the file you’d like to upload from your device. You will then be asked to set your Resume’s visibility settings by choosing whether you want your resume to be ‘Public’ or ‘Private.’ Once you select ‘Public’ or ‘Private,’ click the blue ‘Upload’ button in the bottom left corner of that window. Your new file will now be set as your Indeed Resume.

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