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What is the ‘Post-Application Follow Up Message’ Feature and How to Use it

What is it

When an employer posts a job directly on Indeed, they have the option to allow job seekers who have applied to message them directly. For employers, this can be a great way to hear from highly interested applicants. When an employer receives one of these messages, it is visible on Indeed and they are notified, just like any other message on Indeed. 

If this option has been selected for a role you applied to on Indeed, you as the applicant will be able to send a message to the employer after applying. You’ll be able to do this via Indeed Messaging, on desktop or mobile. You can use this opportunity to send the employer a follow-up message, send a personalized introduction, share why you’re qualified for the job, or ask a specific question about the role.


How to send a message after submitting an application

If you apply to an application where the employer has opted into this feature, you will be notified in three ways:

  • You will see the option to 'Send a message' to the employer on your ‘My Jobs’ page beneath that job listing
  • You will receive an email inviting you to send a message
  • You will see a notification in the Notification Center on Indeed

The ability to send a message is not available immediately and there will be a delay of at least a few days before you can send a message, if the employer has turned this feature on.

If you choose to click through to send a message via My Jobs, the email, or the notification, you will be taken to a blank message compose screen, where you can type out a message to the employer in the text box at the bottom of the page. The message will begin a correspondence with the employer just as a normal message would. Both you and the employer will be able to view it in the ‘Messages’ section of your account. This message will be shared with your application and the employer can respond directly to the message.

As a reminder, this feature is not available for every application you submit, as the employer must opt into this feature.

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