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Mobile Apps: Crashes, Freezes, and Performance Issues

Quick summary

Try these basic troubleshooting tips if an app crashes, can't open, or won't respond.

Option one: delete and reinstall

  1. You can sometimes fix a problem by deleting and reinstalling the app. See the Apple or Android Help Centers for more info.
  2. Restart your phone after reinstalling it.

Option two: clear out app files and data

Important: You'll need to sign in again after deleting the app files and data. Some things might get cleared out, like your job search history. 




  1. Under the Settings tab, click Apps.
  2. Navigate to the Apps Manager to see your apps.
  3. Select Indeed's app icon
  4. Clear out the app's cached files and data under Storage or Storage & Cache.
  5. Restart your phone.


  1. Press and hold the Indeed app icon.
  2. Click Remove App.
  3. Select Delete App to delete the data and the app from your phone.


Question: My device is Samsung. Is the Indeed app compatible? 

Answer: Yes. Indeed is developed using the latest operating systems and technologies. You may experience performance issues if you use an older device model or if your operating system needs an update.  

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