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Browser Issues: Basic Troubleshooting

Quick summary

Use this guide to fix browser issues you may experience. These are common issues on any website, but we also don't want you to continue struggling. Complete each section, and then we'll show you what information we'll need to continue investigating your issue.

Step 1: Start with some quick fixes

Here are some easy ideas that can potentially solve a browser problem.

Check the browser's compatibility

Problem: Mobile app links may open in a browser or vice versa.

  1. Solution: If your phone opens the assessment in a non-supported browser like the Samsung browser, manually copy the link from the email and paste it into a supported browser.
  2. Solution: Test using private or incognito mode.
Important: Samsung browsers aren't compatible with Indeed.

Update or reinstall the web browser

Problem: You're experiencing interview video performance, needing help applying, or facing assessment issues.

Solution: Reinstalling your browser may optimize your settings and resolve the issues you're experiencing. You can also check this Help Center page about updating your web browser to troubleshoot a problem.

Disable ad blockers, add-ons, or extensions

Problem: Certain website features may fail if the ad blocker interferes with necessary scripts or elements.

Solution: The process for turning off an ad blocker or extension can vary. 

  • Chrome: More tools > Extensions
  • Firefox: Add-ons > Extensions
  • Edge: Upper-right menu > Extensions
  • Safari (OS): Preferences > Extensions
Tip: Mobile Apps: Crashes, Freezes, and Performance Issues may help you with other troubleshooting tips.

Step 2: Clear your cache and cookies

Still needing help? It's time to clear your cache and cookies. These Help Center articles can help you with this action: 

Step 3: Email us

If any or all of the above steps have yet to work, it's time to contact us. Click or tap this link to send us an email. Please include this information:

  • A screenshot of the entire page you are encountering the issue on.
  • What kind of device are you using? (iPhone, Android, Computer)
  • Are you accessing Indeed through the app or the website?
  • If using the site, what browser and version are you using?
  • We listed a number of troubleshooting tips above. Can you tell us which ones you used? This will help us investigate the issue. 
Important: Sorry, we don't have a phone number or live chat support.
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