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Company Reviews: Best Practices, Policies, and Guidelines


Quick summary

Company Reviews give other job seekers a realistic view of a company you've worked for or are currently working for. Learn why a post can be removed and other best practices.

How to write a review

  1. We allow one review or answer to a question per person, per company.
  2. Your reviews are for companies you've worked for or are currently working for.
Important: Company Review posts that violate Indeed’s guidelines or policies may be removed from our platform.


Do these

  1. Write original reviews based on your personal experience as an employee or former employee of the company.
  2. Express your opinion and no one else's. 
  3. Use relevant experiences.
  4. Describe what you liked and disliked about the company.  
  5. Write clearly, and focus on the company culture.
  6. Write truthfully and accurately.

Don't include these

  • Reviews of the company's products or services 
  • Jargon or symbols 
  • Made-up words, or someone else's words
  • Non-public information
  • Personal information

If your review is rejected, but you believe it may comply with our guidelines and policies, you may be able to submit a new review.

Policies and guidelines

Before submitting, review these guidelines.

  1. The reviews you submit are anonymous.  
  2. Any reviews you submit won't be edited or altered.
  3. Identifiable information is not shared with the company you review. However, Indeed may honor subpoenas, search warrants, law enforcement or court-mandated requests to disclose user content you have provided, your identity, or other information.
  4. These are your personal experiences and opinions, and those can be emotionally charged. However, any content that is unlawful, fraudulent, discriminatory, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable, or that contains sexual, ethnic, racial, or other discriminatory slurs, or that does not include relevant or constructive content is not allowed on Indeed and we reserve the right to remove such content.
  5. Your statements should be purely your own opinion. Discussing other individuals that may have impacted your overall experience at the company may be relevant, but any identifying information regarding non-public figures of the company is not appropriate to share.
  6. This is not a forum to report crimes or internal company incidents. Content containing allegations of illegal activity will be subject to removal from our platform.
  7. All submitted reviews and Company Page content are subject to our Terms of Service.
  8. Company Page content is user-generated, and Indeed doesn't guarantee the accuracy of this content or endorse any statement as the opinion of Indeed or its affiliates. 
  9. We reserve the right to remove reviews where we have evidence that a reviewer was compensated and/or coerced into leaving a review.

    If you feel a review or other user content is not in line with Indeed’s review guidelines and policies, you can report the review directly from the Company Page by clicking on the report flag, and then selecting the most appropriate category from the menu.

    The content will be reviewed, and if found to be in violation of our guidelines, will be removed from the Company Page in 1-2 business days. This does not send communication back regarding the report or the outcome.

Photos and captions policies and guidelines

Another way to describe a company's culture is by uploading photos. You can show a future employee what your company is like firsthand.  

Photos uploaded to Company Pages should comply with our Photo Content policy.

We don't allow these types of photos

  • Selfies
  • Marketing materials
  • Logos for unrelated businesses
  • Photos of non-employees, including children and patients
  • Photos that disclose sensitive or confidential information
  • Any other photo that is not directly related to the employment experience at the relevant company

Captions are required when you upload a photo.

All photos should have captions so screen readers or other assistive technology can read them. You can use captions when you upload images to Company Pages. Captions should follow the same guidelines as when writing a review.

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