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Reporting a Message or Phishing Attempt

Quick summary

Indeed Messages are a way for you and employers to talk about the job listing, resume, or application. You may receive a message containing inappropriate, misleading, or concerning content. Use the Report Spam feature in your Indeed Messages inbox to report conversations that aren't about work. These spam messages are usually about outstanding bills, health insurance, banking issues, and more. Never respond to a message you believe to be spam.

Reporting a message

  1. Go to your Messages and open the message you want to report.
  2. Click or tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the message and select Report Spam.
  3. Select the main reason why you are reporting the conversation. You can provide additional information in the text field.
  4. Click or tap Report and move to spam.

What happens next?

We'll review the message you reported. If it violates Indeed guidelines, we'll remove or edit the sender's job post. We won't follow up with you on the action we took. Future messages from the sender will automatically go to your Spam folder.

Restoring a message

  1. Go to your Messages and select Spam instead of Inbox.
  2. Open the message you want to restore.
  3. Click or tap Restore at the bottom of the message.


Question: Can I delete messages from the Spam folder?

Answer: No, sorry. This option is not available. Read our FAQs: Indeed Messages article for more frequently asked questions.

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