Report a Message

The Report A Message feature provides users a way to directly report messages from employers that may violate Indeed’s Terms of Service or Messaging Guidelines. This feature is designed for reporting messages that fall into one of the following categories. 


Types of Messages to Report:

It’s A Possible Scam 

Messages that appear to be fraudulent. These messages may ask for personal, financial, or other information. 

It's Spam or Contains Malware

Messages that fall into this category will often look like marketing information or contain suspicious links. 

It’s Something Else 

Unsure of what exactly is going on? Feel free to send feedback with a brief description to Indeed and we will investigate promptly.  

How to Report A Message: 

  1. Go to the message you want to report 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the conversation
  3. Find the “Suspect spam or fraud? Report this message to Indeed
  4. Click “Report this message to Indeed” 
  5. Please check whether you believe this message is a scam, spam/malware, or if other, select “It’s Something Else” and provide a description of what is going on. 
  6. Once you make your selection and have finished, click “Submit.” This will generate a report to Indeed to investigate. 


Please note, this tool is not used for the following:

General questions for Indeed, technical issues, company page reviews, job alerts, search results, etc. If you need to contact our support team about any of these issues, please submit an inquiry below.

If your report is reviewed and the message is found to be in violation of these guidelines, the job post may be removed or edited. Please note that reporting a message does not guarantee we will take action. However, these reports are extremely valuable in our efforts to remove spam, fraud, and low-quality messaging and make Indeed a safer place for our job seekers.


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