Spam vs. Scam

If you have ever experienced suspicious activity, or even reported content on Indeed, you may have found yourself at a digital crossroads to explain exactly what is going on.  Is it spam? Or is it a scam? Keep reading to learn tips on spotting the difference. 

The two most common types of platform abuse on Indeed are Spam and Scam. 

What IS the difference between the two? 

Spam is irrelevant or unwanted posts or messaging. An example of this is bulk messaging marketing materials or low-quality employment opportunities to job seekers. While posting spam is still considered platform abuse, it is less menacing than fraudulent or scam behavior, as there is no intent to steal information from the jobseeker. 

Scams post misleading or fake job postings with malicious intent in order to deceive job seekers. An example of this would be intruding questions about your personal or financial information or even posting jobs with outlandish salaries and easy job descriptions that are meant to lure in people to defraud them. 

The key take away between the two comes down to intent. Spammers are not looking to steal your information or con you. They are simply trying to blast information to as many people as possible. While it may not be as harmful, it is definitely an annoyance and not allowed on Indeed, as we want to make sure that the user experience is as stress-free as possible. 

Scammers are posting opportunities they KNOW do not exist in order to deceive people out of their information and/or money. This is harmful to our jobseekers and we want to make sure that these types of fake opportunities do not exist on Indeed. 


What Can I Do About It? 

We encourage all job seekers using Indeed to refer to the Safe Search Guidelines for optimal use of the site. For more information on quick ways to protect yourself in your job search, feel free to check out our tips here. 

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, or are experiencing spam on Indeed, please do not hesitate to report it to us by using our Report A Job or Report A Message function.

Additionally, you can email us via our support form. You will also find a link to the support form at the bottom of every page in our Help Center.

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