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Creating an Account or Signing In

Quick summary

At Indeed, our mission is to help you get a job. You can create a free account to access a range of valuable tools if you meet the requirements. Ready to start or sign in? Follow the instructions below.


  1. You must be at least 16 years old.
  2. You need to live in certain countries, including the United States, Europe (European Economic Area), Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ukraine, and Japan.

What if I'm younger than 16 years old?

We're required to close the account and delete your data from our systems.

Creating an account

Important: Create your account and sign in the same way. For instance, don't sign in using your Apple ID if you created the account with Gmail.


Desktop or phone:

  1. Click or tap the Google logo to sign in.
  2. Select Continue with Google.
  3. Follow the prompt. This action links Indeed to Gmail.
  4. Select Job seeker and Create account.
  5. Review your Account settings.



  1. Click or tap the Apple ID logo to sign in.
  2. Select Continue with Apple.
  3. Follow the prompt. This action links Apple ID to Indeed.
  4. Select Job seeker and Create account.
  5. Review your Account settings.

What to expect

Your Apple ID will appear in your profile like this:

You can't change this email address in your account settings.

Unique email address

  1. Enter your unique email in the Email address field. Use an email address that's not Gmail.
  2. Click or tap Continue.
  3. Select Job Seeker.
  4. Choose a six-digit password.
  5. Click or tap Create account.
  6. Look for the checkbox and the phrase I am human. CAPTCHA protects your account against fraud and abuse.

What to expect

You'll need to verify the account. Here's how:

  1. We'll send an email verification to your inbox. Check your spam or junk folder if you don't see it.
  2. Request a new email if the link expires.
  3. Click or tap Confirm your Indeed account.
  4. Sign in using this unique email address.

Signing in

Important: Always use the same sign-in method to prevent duplicate accounts. For instance, don't use an Apple ID if your account was made with Gmail.


  1. Click or tap the Google sign-in logo.
  2. Look for the prompt to sign in using a code. 
  3. An email with the subject line Indeed login code will be sent to your email inbox
  4. Add the temporary six-digit code to finish the sign-in process.

Apple ID

  1. Click Continue with Apple.
  2. If your Apple ID uses a Gmail address, use a different sign-in method.

Name of your Apple ID

Technical support

Problem: I need to change the email address. I used Google to create an account.

Solution: Review Google's Help Center to review ways to use a different email address.

Problem: I can't bypass CAPTCHA.

Solution: First sign up for CAPTCHA accessibility access. Next, follow the prompts to set up cookies for your browser or phone.


Question: Can I search Indeed's job listings if I'm 15 years old?

Answer: Yes. You can view or search for job listings. However, you can't create an account, save job listings, apply, or interview using Indeed.

Question: I have two Indeed accounts. Can I merge them?

Answer: No, sorry. This option isn't available.

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