Job Spotter Overview

What is Job Spotter?

Job Spotter is an app that allows you to earn redeemable points and explore your community, all in the name of helping local businesses reach more job seekers. If you spot a hiring sign, use the Job Spotter app to take a picture of it and the storefront, and submit it to us. We'll send you a gift card in exchange for your submissions. Submit as many hiring signs as you want here is no limit to the points you can earn.

How does Job Spotter work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app on your mobile device, find “Help Wanted” signs posted on storefronts around your town. When you find one, open the app and snap a picture of the hiring sign, then take another photo of the storefront with the company’s sign/name clearly visible.

Avoid submitting photos with people in them as any image containing a human will be rejected. Job Spotter will also reject any photos taken from inside a vehicle.

What does Job Spotter have to do with Indeed?

Job Spotter is developed and maintained by Indeed, and its mission is to add local small business jobs to the Indeed search engine. The job sign photos you submit with the Job Spotter app, if approved, go on to become job listings on the website, connecting local businesses with job seekers in the community.

Is my Job Spotter account linked to Indeed?

Job Spotter uses Indeed's account registration system for authentication, so when you sign into the Job Spotter app, you should use your Indeed account credentials. Keep in mind that if you ever delete your Indeed account you are also deleting your Job Spotter account.

How does Job Spotter help local businesses?

By making local “Help Wanted” jobs searchable online, Indeed makes local jobs easier for applicants to find, and helps the employers hire the staff they need to run their businesses successfully.

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