How to Use Job Spotter

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Downloading the Job Spotter app

You can download the Job Spotter app through your iPhone or Android mobile device on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Search for “Job Spotter” by Indeed and look for the green icon with the ranger hat and binoculars.

Earning points and redeeming rewards

The Job Spotter app is a great way to earn points in exchange for gift cards, making it a painless way to earn extra money.

Photos are submitted through the app and will be reviewed and awarded points based on the quality of the submission (see the submission guidelines below to learn how to get the most points). Most submissions will be processed within a few hours, but some submissions may take longer.

Once your photos are approved, you can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards by visiting the ‘Wallet’ tab in the bottom right hand corner of the app.

The Job Spotter point system is based on US Dollars where every point earned is equal to $0.01 USD. If you are outside the US, the balance in your home country’s currency is subject to change with currency exchange rates, so you may notice small fluctuations in your wallet.

Gift cards can be seen in your ‘Wallet’ view and are delivered to you via email. You will be able to redeem the gift card through a code provided once the gift card has processed. Gift cards are digital, therefore don’t need to be physically mailed. 

Job Spotter submission guidelines

Photos must be captured through the app

For quality assurance purposes, we require that all photos be submitted directly through the Job Spotter app. You cannot upload photos from your device’s photo library.

No duplicates

We don’t accept multiple submissions of the same business location. Submissions may also be marked as ‘duplicate’ if multiple users submits the same sign.

Hiring sign needs to be at the store location

We only accept submissions of hiring signs posted at the business itself. We ask you to submit a photo of the storefront to show you’re at the job location. Please no photos of trucks driving down the highway, or job postings on public bulletin boards. We want your submission to be sent from the place where the job is.

Capture the business name

Each submission must consist of two photos: the hiring sign and a photo of the store/business name. Photos of the store name on the building itself are preferred. But we may accept other forms of permanently-affixed signage inside or outside the store. Business cards, employee t-shirts, flyers, menus, etc. will not be accepted as a business name photo.

Photos should be in focus

The more readable the text in the photos, the better. Some signs have additional details such as phone numbers or job description information — it’s good to capture this text as well.

Take photos at the business location

Photos must be taken at or very near the location of the business.

No photographs of people

Do not submit images of any human to Job Spotter. Any submissions containing people will automatically be rejected. If possible, try to avoid capturing your own reflection or silhouette in the photo.

No photos from inside vehicles

We cannot accept any photos which were taken from inside any vehicle, whether moving or not, taken from either driver or passenger positions. This is not only for your safety, but also to improve photo quality. Please approach hiring signs on foot and take the best photo you can.


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