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Adding and Deleting Company Reviews

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Use our anonymous company reviews to share your experiences with other job seekers. Let them know what it's like working for your current or previous employer. Find out here how to add or delete a review.

Write a review

  1. Sign into your Indeed account.
  2. Navigate to the company page for the employer you're reviewing. 
  3. Click or tap on the Reviews tab at the top of the company page.
  4. Click or tap Review this Company and fill out the review form.

You'll find your review on the company page once it's approved and published by Indeed's moderation team.

Remove your review

There are two ways to delete a review you wrote. Look at the steps below to delete your review.

From your My Reviews page

  1. Sign into your Indeed account.
  2. Click or tap the user icon in the top right of the page.
  3. Select My reviews from the dropdown. 
  4. On your My reviews and contributions page, you'll see all your submitted reviews and their status. 
  5. To delete a review, click or tap the three vertical dots, then select Delete.

From the employer's Company Page

  1. Sign into your Indeed account.
  2. Navigate to the Company Page for the employer you're reviewing.
  3. Click or tap on the Reviews tab at the top of the Company Page. Find your review and click or tap the Delete link next to the title to remove it. 


Question: Can Indeed reject my review?

Answer: Yes, Indeed will reject your review if it violates our guidelines.

Question: Can I leave more than one review from the same company?

Answer: No, you can only write one review per company.

Question: Can I edit my review?

Answer: No. You'll have to delete the review and submit the edited version as a new review. It can take up to 48 hours before you can post your new review.

Question: Is my review anonymous?

Answer: Yes, we don't ask you to include your name or contact information. We do require job title, job status, and location. This review information helps us better identify you as the owner or sole employee.  

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