About Company Pages

A Company Page provides insider details that let you experience what it’s like working at a company before you apply.

On an employer’s Company Page, you can browse through:

Snapshot: A high level overview of Indeed users’ perception of that company.

Reviews: Opinions of a company written by current and previous employees of that company.

Salaries: Estimated pay rates sorted by job title. Salaries are derived from employees, users and past and present job advertisements on Indeed over the past three years.

Photos: Taken from the company’s Instagram or uploaded directly to Indeed, photos capture the culture of each business as well as what its facilities look like.

Jobs: A quick look at all the jobs a company has open at all locations.

Q&A: Questions asked by Indeed and by potential candidates, answered by the company or by current and former employees.

Interviews: An overview of questions and experiences to expect when interviewing at that company.

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