Indeed Assessments

What is Indeed Assessments?

At Indeed, our goal is to help job seekers and employers connect more effectively and find better matches. Indeed Assessments are short skill tests taken by job seekers to demonstrate job-related abilities. Assessments allow job seekers to showcase their qualifications and help employers identify the best candidates for their positions.

How does it work?

Employers build assessments to simulate the on-the-job skills their positions require, then invite job seekers to complete them. After applying for a job, applicants receive an email invitation with instructions on how to complete the assessment.

Can I take an assessment from my phone?

Most Indeed Assessments can be completed from mobile devices. Those that require the use of a laptop or desktop computer--such as Typing--include notices giving job seekers the opportunity to switch devices.

Is it required?

Assessments are created by employers as part of the application process. Without completing the requested assessment, your application may not be considered complete. Remember, Indeed Assessments help you too. Completed assessments showcase your skills to employers and help you stand out from the crowd while letting the employer know you’re interested.

How long does it take?

The length of the assessment will vary depending on the content but each assessment module takes an average of 10 min or less.

Does it cost anything?

We are a free job search engine for job seekers, so there is no charge to search the site, upload your resume, apply for a job or take an assessment.

What will I be asked in a phone or video interview?

The content of each phone or video interview will depend on the employer and position but employers use phone and video interviews to get to know more about you and your qualifications.

How do I send my assessment results to an employer?

Employers will automatically receive your results upon the completion of the assessment.

Can I use the same assessment for a different employer?

Yes, if you have already taken the same module for a different employer, employers with the same requirements will receive your assessments results with your application. You will still need to complete any additional modules the subsequent employer requests.

Can I retake an assessment?

We do not currently allow job seekers to retake an assessment.

Can I take an assessment without being invited by an employer?

We will soon have the ability for job seekers to take assessments by themselves and add assessments results to their profiles and resumes.

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