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Technical Support: Indeed Messages

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Experiencing obstacles with sending or opening messages can be frustrating. Sometimes the issue is about a browser. Other times, it's a system error. This is an updated list of solutions to help troubleshoot tech issues on your own.


Problem: I opened a new message to see a 'Something went wrong' error.

Solution: This is usually a system error. If the problem continues, clear the system's cache and cookies or restart your app or browser.

Problem: I'm frustrated because the message doesn't load.

Solution: We do our best to keep the system up at all times. When this does happen, check your email inbox for a copy of the message, close the app or browser, or try again later.  

Problem: The 'Generate Messages with AI' box creates a small viewing area.

Solution: Sorry about this bug. We're fixing this issue.

Sending messages

Problem: My messages appear frozen. I see a blue banner message about the improvements we're making.

Solution: We freeze the message for privacy if an employer CCs or BCCs another person. It's okay to reply using the email we sent you.

Receiving messages

Problem: I can't find the message from the employer.

Solution: You might have more than one account. Check the email address you're using.

Emailed messages

Problem: There's no email copy of my active conversation with the employer.

Solution: Look in your inbox spam or trash for blocked employer messages. Review this Gmail Help Center article, or research other email support.  

Did you know? Browse our FAQs: Indeed Messages page for common questions.
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