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FAQs: Indeed Messages

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Indeed Messages helps you communicate directly with employers. Begin new or continue existing conversations about job listings, resumes, interviews, and more. This page lists common answers to questions other people have asked us about. The topics include:

Receiving messages

Question: Can I receive an email from an employer that doesn't show up on Indeed?

Answer: Yes. It can happen if they email you directly or if you have more than one Indeed account.

Question: Can I access a message using a different account?

Answer: No. Employers will only send messages to the account linked to the application.

Question: What if I received a message in a language other than my own?

Answer: Verify that the Country and Language settings in your Indeed account are correct.

Question: Will the employer message me about the application status?

Answer: You can learn about the status of your application in My jobs.

Emailed messages

Question: I received an email inviting me to apply for a job. Is it legit?

AnswerYes. Employers can message you if your resume is set to Searchable and if you've been active on Indeed in the last 30 days.

Sending and unsending messages

Question: Can I message an employer or recruiter before applying?

AnswerMaybe. Check the job listing's description for the employer's contact details. We encourage employers to provide this info.

Question: Can I unsend or undo a message? I sent it by mistake.

AnswerNo, sorry. This option is not available.

Archiving or deleting messages

Question: Can I clear out old messages from my inbox?

AnswerYes. Swipe the message and tap the archive icon . On a desktop, you can archive it by clicking the options menu .

Question: Can I delete messages?

Answer: No, sorry. This option is not available.

Block or report spam

Question: Can I report a message or conversation as spam?

AnswerYes, click or tap Report Spam in the options menu . This helps us better identify and filter spam messages.

Using message templates

Question: Do you have AI templates to help me write messages?

Answer: No, sorry. This option is not available.

Question: Does Indeed offer tools and examples to help me respond to messages?

AnswerYes. Read the Help Center's FAQs about writing different messages to help you respond to an employer.


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