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FAQs: Indeed Messages

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Indeed Messages connects you with potential employers. We hope your experience is trouble-free. If not, we'd like to guide you through any challenges. That's why we compiled common questions job seekers and workers asked. Topics include:

Receiving messages

Can I view a message sent to one account using a duplicate account?

No. It must be the same account used during the application process.  

Can I receive a message in a different language?

Yes. Check your Indeed account's Country and Language settings.

Do you know if the employer will message me about my application status?

Maybe. My Jobs indicates your application status for jobs posted on Indeed.  

Emailed messages

Can I receive emails inviting me to apply?

Yes. Employers can message you if your resume is Searchable, and you've been active on Indeed for 30 days.

Sending and unsending messages

Can I message an employer or recruiter before applying?

Maybe. Review the job listing's description for the employer's contact details. We encourage employers to provide this info.

Can I unsend or undo a message? I sent it by mistake.

No, sorry. This option is not available.

Archiving or deleting messages

Can I clear out old messages?

Yes, swipe the message and tap the archive icon . Click the options menu if using a desktop.

Can I delete messages?

No, sorry. This option is not available. We encourage archiving your past messages.

Blocking messages or reporting spam

Can I report a message as spam?

Yes, click or tap Report Spam in the options menu . This helps us identify and filter spam messages.

Using message templates

Can pre-written prompts help me start conversations with employers?

Yes. Find the Start a conversation label. Look for suggested messages like "I'm interested, but I'd like to learn more about the opportunity." Click the prompt to populate the message box.

Can I use a message template after a conversation has started?

No. Message templates are available when you're responding to employers for the first time.

Does this tool use artificial intelligence that writes messages for me?

No, sorry. This option is not available.

Does Indeed have other tools to help me write letters?

Yes. Review the Cover Letter FAQ page. It lists a variety of letters on our career advice site.

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