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Account Security: Essential Email Practices

Quick summary

We'll notify you with an email when you or someone else changes your account settings. We recommend reviewing these emails and letting us know about your experience.

Step 1: Review the email from us

These are the emails you can expect when you reset a password or make other account setting changes.

Your password was changed


This email confirms your password was changed.

Your password was reset


This email tells you someone requested a password reset.

Your phone number was changed


This email confirms a phone number was changed.

Your phone number was removed


This email confirms a phone number was removed from your account.

Step 2: Let us know if you suspect fraud

  1. Look for the email address in your inbox and Let us know if you suspect fraud. Your response will be automatically recorded by clicking on the link.
  2. Click or tap Help protect your account. We'll redirect you to the Help Center page about how to reset your password. You don't have to reset it, but we recommend changing it to keep your account secure.

    You'll be sent to this page to leave feedback.
Important: Unfortunately, we can't respond to this feedback.


Question: Can I change my password? I think it's been compromised.

Answer: Yes. Resetting your password regularly secures your account. We also recommend setting up 2-factor authentication (called 2-step authentication on Android) for an extra layer of security.

Question: Can you tell me about other ways to keep my account safe?

Answer: Yes, learn more on You can read common phishing signs, account safety tips, and more.

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