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How to Edit or Withdraw an Application

Applications submitted through Indeed are sent to the employer. Indeed does not allow users to withdraw or alter applications that have already been submitted, unless an employer specifically provides the option to do so. Because of this, it’s important to review your application and fix any errors before submitting it to the employer.

How to edit your application before submitting:

To edit your application, please click the Back button to access your application details.

How to edit your resume/CV saved on Indeed:

Edit your resume/CV by logging into your Indeed account. These changes will not be reflected in applications that have already been submitted.

How to edit your cover letter or application questions:

If there is an error in the cover letter or application questions you submitted to an employer, reach out to the employer directly with the correct information. Indeed does not post employer contact information on our site, but you may be able to find this information through a search engine. 

To reapply or withdraw from a job: 

Some job postings on Indeed allow you to withdraw your application by clicking the “withdraw” link in an email sent to you by the employer. It is not currently possible to edit your application or reapply to a job on Indeed. 

For applications submitted on the employer's website: 

Some job posts on Indeed link to the employer’s site to apply. For these jobs, please contact the employer directly to determine how to withdraw, edit or resubmit your application.

If you see incorrect information in your application confirmation:

Contact support and include details about what you see in the confirmation, how that is different from what you should see and screenshots that help us find your application.


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