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What is My Jobs?

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This page is about an account feature called My Jobs. It has four distinct sections - Saved, Applied, Interviews, and Archived. These sections have been thoughtfully designed to enhance your job-seeking journey. They're here to make your experience smoother as you navigate through the different phases of your job search


My Jobs is a feature in your profile. It helps you track and organize your jobs.  


Below are articles that explain how each My Jobs section works and how to use it.


Save as a favorite.


View your job applications.


Keep track of your next interview.


Archive six months of jobs you save


Question: Can I see all the jobs I applied for?

Answer: No, My Jobs doesn't track your entire job application history. It lists six months at a time. We suggest using a spreadsheet or writing down all the positions you applied for. You can also request a copy of your personal data to see your job history of indexed jobs. 

Question: I clicked "Apply on Company Site." Can I see the status of my interview?

Answer: No, when you fill out an application on another website, it cannot be saved, requiring you to manually move the jobs from "Saved" to "Applied," "Interviews," and finally "Archived."  

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