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How to Apply for a Job on Indeed

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We're happy you're choosing Indeed to assist in your job search. In this article, we'll explain the basics of searching and applying for jobs on Indeed. Read on to learn about:

Searching for jobs

  1. Visit our homepage.
  2. Enter your desired job title, keywords, or company in the text box with the eyeglass icon The eyeglass icon is where you enter keywords..
  3. Enter your desired location in the text box with the map pin icon The map pin icon is where you enter a location..
  4. Click or tap Search to get your search results.
Important: Read our Guidelines for Safe Job Search if you’re concerned about a position you come across in your search.

Applying for jobs

There are two different types of jobs on Indeed:

  • Hosted jobs for which you can Easily Apply on Indeed
  • Indexed jobs that redirect you to the hiring company's website

Find out more about applying to hosted and indexed jobs.

Important: You’ll need to be signed in to apply for jobs. You’ll find your applied jobs on your My jobs page.

Saving jobs

You can save jobs if you're not ready to apply right now:

  1. From your search results on the homepage, click or tap the three vertical dots on the job listing to open the options menu.
  2. Click or tap Save job.

You can save a job listing by clicking or tapping the bookmark icon Outline of bookmark button means a job is unsaved. if you opened the job listing in a new tab or window.

Important: You’ll need to be signed in to save jobs. You’ll find your saved jobs in your My jobs page.
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