FAQs: Adding, Uploading, and Submitting Cover Letters

Did you use Indeed to apply for a job? You may find these questions helpful when uploading, managing, or submitting a cover letter.

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Uploading cover letters

Can I add a cover letter using Indeed's app?

Yes. Use the file upload feature to add cover letters, recommendation letters, etc. You can also type or paste one of these documents into the text box.


What if I apply on the company's website and want to upload a new cover letter?

You’ll need to sign in to the company’s website to correct, fix, or upload a new cover letter.

Best Practice: We recommend saving your cover letter and other files you share with employers to your personal device.


Can I upload a new cover letter if I use Indeed to apply for a job? 

Yes. You can choose to Apply without a cover letter, Write a cover letter, or Upload an additional document when applying through Indeed. Click Add next to Supporting documents on your application review page.


Can I upload a cover letter to my Indeed profile?

We hope to make this a future enhancement, but right now it’s not possible to store a cover letter in your Indeed profile. Until we add that feature, here’s what to do:

  1. Attach it as a part of the resume and upload it.
  2. Enter it in the message/cover letter field.
  3. Select Upload file to Update your application with your cover letter.


Managing cover letters

Can I download a cover letter?

Yes. If you submitted an application to an employer using Indeed, go to My jobs in your profile and click on the Applied tab. Follow these steps to download a cover letter: 

  1. Click the 3 vertical dots Image of three vertical dots.
  2. Select View and manage details
  3. Click on your cover letter file to download. 

You can also download your cover letter if you combined it with your resume into one file.


I uploaded my cover letter on the employer’s website. Can I edit and resubmit my cover letter using my Indeed account? 

No, you’ll need to contact that employer to edit or replace the cover letter.


Submitting cover letters

Can I add other files to my application, besides a cover letter?

Yes. Here’s how to add additional files to your application:

  1. Click Add next to Supporting documents at the bottom of the application review page.
  2. Select a reference letter, transcript, or portfolio from your device after clicking Upload file. Other files can still be added even if you've added a cover letter.
  3. Click Update to save the attached file(s). This takes you back to your application review page where you can Submit your application.

Click Edit before submitting if the uploaded file is incorrect. 


How do I know my cover letter was included in my application?

We’ll email confirmation if you used Indeed to apply for the job. Here’s the confirmation message:

The following items were sent to [employer name]. Good luck!

    • Application
    • Resume
    • Cover letter

Additional resources

Who can help me create a great cover letter?

Career Guide can help you every step of the way– from letters of application to thank-you letters. As an extra bonus, browse the Help Center’s "Best of" list for all of Career Guide’s cover letter guides and templates.

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