Creating or Converting a Resume Using Resume Builder

Build, edit, and manage a resume right from your account. Learn how to troubleshoot this account feature, and see what other job seekers ask.

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Indeed's Resume Builder is a wizard that fills editable sections using resume info. You can create a resume from scratch or convert an existing file. Jump to each section to learn how.


Creating a resume from scratch

The sections below are Indeed's editable resume categories you'll see when you Build an Indeed Resume.

Personal info

We’ll ask you some basic info like name, phone number, and location.

Work Experience

Past job titles and duties help employers know if you are a good fit for the role.


Add helpful details to your resume. What school and where you studied give employers more insight.


We recommend adding 6 skills to your resume, but the total is up to you.


Certifications or licenses help employers understand your qualifications.


Edit your resume at any time

  1. Click or tap the pencil icon The pencil button allows you to edit. to edit your info.
  2. Use the plus icon The plus button lets you add new sections. to add Languages, Military Service, Awards, Publications, and more.

Converting a resume from an existing file

The wizard pre-fills the section using info from your existing resume.

  1. Click Upload resume on your Profile and select your resume file.
  2. When it's uploaded, Convert to Indeed Resume and click Convert.
  3. Review your resume to make edits and select your privacy settings to Finish.

These are the buttons you use to convert your resume to an Indeed Resume or keep your original file.

Important: You may see what's in the screenshot or something different. 


Manage your resume from the Resume options menu.

Click or tap each link below to learn more about how you can manage your uploaded file.


Privacy visibility

Download as PDF

Share resume

Get a resume review


Remove Indeed Resume

Resume options menu for an uploaded Indeed Resume.

Important: Some people see different words on their menu. You may see what's in the screenshot or something different. 


Privacy visibility

  • Employers can search and find your resume when it's set to Searchable on Indeed.
  • Not searchable on Indeed: Employers, recruiters, and future employers can't search and find your resume.

Did you know? You can change your privacy settings at any time.


Download as PDF

Save the resume file to your phone or desktop computer.

Share resume

You can share your resume link with others if your resume is set to Searchable on Indeed. Click or tap on the circling arrows icon The arrows button allows you to update the resume link. to reset your link. You can't customize it, but you can refresh it as often as you'd like.

Get a resume review

You might see this described as Instant Resume Report. This is a benefit of Indeed Resume. Get instant feedback on categories like:

  1. Content
  2. Appearance
  3. Spelling and grammar
  4. ATS scan. This helps your resume pass employers’ scanning software.
  5. Application insights



Replace one Indeed Resume with another.

Important: We can’t restore your original Indeed Resume or store multiple versions. Before you delete it, download that version as a PDF.


Remove Indeed Resume

This means you're deleting your Indeed Resume from your account.



Important: You may see differences between Indeed's mobile app and As we frequently add new features, some job seekers may see differences in instructions or verbiage. If you aren't seeing something in the app, check Chrome or Safari.


I built my resume, but I'm not seeing any Assessments.

Troubleshoot this by signing in to your account using Chrome or Safari.

My Indeed Resume is showing up in another language.

There might be two solutions.

  1. If you're looking in the app, check your browser.
  2. Check the app if you're viewing your resume in your browser.
  3. Make sure you're viewing the site in your preferred language
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the app.


How do I share the resume file I uploaded?

Convert the file you uploaded to an Indeed Resume and set your privacy settings to Searchable on Indeed. Click Share a link to my Indeed Resume to send it to employers or someone else.

How can I add assessments to my profile or resume?

You'll need an Indeed Resume to access Skills tests in your Profile. Toggle on the visibility switch Switch button is toggled on. to add your Assessments to your Indeed Resume.

I want to include a photo with my resume. Can I add my picture to my Indeed account?

No. Right now there's no way to add a photo to your account's profile.

I don't want employers to know how old I am. Do I have to include the dates I attended school?

No. You can add all of the dates, enter just the years, or skip the time period section altogether.

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