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Improving Your Job Searches (Tips and Help)

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Employers post hundreds of new jobs every month. Sifting through so many jobs can be hard, frustrating, and sometimes stressful. Our goal in this article is to help you maximize your job search and connect you to the right employers. Read on to learn about:

Use different keywords, phrases, and locations. 

Did you know? Search results are customized based on your previous searches and your activity on Indeed. Sign in to see better results.
  • Use keyword combinations in the What field. Job titles and descriptions may vary from company to company.
  • Use zip codes to specify a location in the Where field. Employers in different regions might use different job titles for similar jobs. 

Use filters to refine and narrow your job search results.

After your first search, you'll see options to make your job search more specific.

For example, the Date posted filter narrows or widens the job posting date to the:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Last 3 days
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 14 days
Did you know? Activate a job alert near the bottom of the job search page. Learn more about creating and managing these emails.

Refine and narrow your job search results.

Find a list of filters under the search box of the job results page. Filter results by location, radius, salary, and more.

Depending on what you added in the location field, you may see a filter for Shift and schedule or Employment type. Use these to search for flexible hours.

Use the Easily apply filter to find jobs that don't redirect you to the hiring company's website. This feature is only available on mobile browsers and the mobile app.

Important: You may see what's in the screenshot or something similar.

Use advanced job search techniques.

Search an exact phrase

With quotation marks | Example: "math skills"

Use this to search for "flexible hours" or "part-time" if you are looking for flexible hours.

Group and combine keywords

Use the word OR. Use the word AND.

  • Example: (teacher OR instructor)
  • Example: sales AND healthcare

Exclude jobs containing specific words using a dash

Use a dash.

Exclude jobs with specific clearance

Add 'no security clearance' to the end of your search. | Example: Data Engineer no security clearance

Search by job title

Use title: | Example: title: "product manager"

Search by company name

Use company: | Example: company: "Charles Schwab"

Refresh your job feed.

Clear your recent search history to refresh your job feed.

  1. Go to Recent searches next to your Job feed.
  2. Click or tap the X to delete and clear your recent searches.
Important: We're no longer sending daily job feed emails. You can still see the newest jobs in your job feed.

Search company, worldwide, and salary pages.

  1. Search open positions in top companies using Company Pages. Find employers in your area and read company reviews.
  2. Looking for a job in another country? Indeed's country sites let you search for worldwide job listings from global newspapers, newsletters, and organizations.
  3. Search estimated salary on Indeed Salaries.


Question: Can employers see that I'm actively searching for a job?

Answer: No, your search activity is private.

Question: Can I call Indeed for help with my job search?

Answer: No, Indeed doesn't have a phone number for customer support. We encourage you to search the Help Center for job search help.

Question: Can I see jobs in other languages?

Answer: Yes. Use the Language filter, if available. You can also change the language of your browser, use your browser's translation tools, or download a translation add-on (Google Translate and Microsoft Translator work with most browsers).

Question: I see job postings for locations outside my search. Can I fix this?

Answer: No. You may be looking for jobs in a small area where there aren't many jobs available. When that happens, the system will show you job listings from nearby areas in the same country.

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