Starting or Stopping Job Alerts

Job alerts are email notifications about your favorite job search. Learn to create or unsubscribe from the alert email or your Indeed account.


Creating a job alert

  1. Enter your job title, keyword, or company next to What. Add the city, state, or zip code in Where.
  2. Look for a field at the bottom of the page to activate the job alert.  

This is a text box to enter email address and activate job alert.


Managing your job alert

These are some ways to delete, pause, or edit your job alert email.


From the alert email

Click Unsubscribe from this email to delete this job alert.

Did you know? If you have multiple alerts set up, you’ll need to cancel each one individually.


From your account

In Email settings, click or tap the Job and company alerts section to see all your job alerts. Use the pencil icon Pencil icon enables editing function. to edit the job title, location, and frequency and modify the new alert. Toggle off This is the job alerts toggled to pause. to pause the alert. Toggle on This is the job alerts toggled on. to resubscribe.


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