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Closing an Account

Quick summary

Leaving Indeed? We're sorry to see you go. This page explains how to close your account and what to expect from the process. Do you want to delete your Indeed data, too? This page can show you how to start. 

There are two ways to close an account.

Option one: Use "Account Settings"

Tip: Review the Communications settings. Unsubscribe from any unwanted emails and notifications before closing your account.
  1. Open Settings. Click or tap Close my account. This link is located below your email address.
  2. Complete the optional account closure survey.

What if a link to "Close My Account" is not available?

You may have an employer account. Contact us so we can close this account for you.

What to expect

By closing your account, you'll lose access to:

  • Assessments
  • Saved jobs
  • Job application history
  • Saved job searches
  • Job preferences

Option two: Delete your data

  1. Use the Personal Data Request form
  2. Learn more about Requesting or Deleting Your Data.

What to expect

This action will delete your data and close your account. You'll lose access to the features above. 

Using Indeed in the future

Create a new account using the same email address or a different one.

Technical support

Problem: I keep getting emails after closing my account.

Solution: Do you have more than one account? Check your email subscriptions to avoid receiving unwanted emails.


Question: Can I pause my account?

Answer: No. However, you can unsubscribe from job alerts, emails, and other notifications in Communications settings.

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