Can I change the formatting of my Indeed Resume?

When you upload your own resume to Indeed, we recommend uploading a file type that is either a Word document, a PDF created from a text file (not scanned in as an image), or a plain .txt, .rtf, .html, or .odt file. 

Once you upload the file, the system will automatically convert it into an Indeed format. This is because we want to keep Indeed resumes looking relatively uniform and in chronological order, so that employers can review them quickly and easily. Using uniform formatting also makes it simpler for users to edit and update their Indeed resumes.

If your resume is not organized in the traditional format, our system may not recognize different sections and some of your information might be missing or not be showing correctly on the website. We understand that this is not ideal, however, if this does happen, you can always edit your resume by signing in to your account.

We know that it takes time to create a resume that reflects your style and personal brand so you are always able to apply to jobs using your original resume file. We are working on improving our Job Seekers’ experience, and in one of our recent updates, resumes will be uploaded as-is without parsing or reformatting the files. These files, however, are not able to be made public or edited.

In order to do that, you would need to click 'delete' on the page to remove the file, then click Build a resume. The next screen will show a button where you can 'Upload an existing resume' and go back to the way it was.

Alternatively, if you wish to apply using your own file, you can also do this by clicking Apply with a different resume after clicking Apply Now.

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