How do I save my searched jobs?

If you are logged into Indeed, your recent searches will be saved automatically and will appear on your Indeed homepage. If you wish to remove any of them, you can click on “Edit”, delete the ones you do not wish to see again, and then click on “Done”.

To save a job, click the heart icon next to the job listing. This will automatically save the job to your “Saved” folder in the “MyJobs” section, which you can access from your account. 

You may also save your job search as a Job Alert email and have new jobs matching your search automatically delivered to you. In order to do so, simply find the "Be the first to see new indeed jobs" box at the top of the right-hand side of the results page and click "Activate”. You should receive your first job alert email within 24 hours. 

You may save as many different job searches as you like and, with an Indeed account, you can manage your alerts through your subscriptions page.

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