Edit Job Alerts

If you don't have an Indeed account

Without an Indeed account, you will not have the ability to edit your job alerts. We recommend canceling your alert within your job alert email and creating a new alert using your desired criteria.

You may want to create an Indeed account to give you full control over creating or deleting all of your alerts in one spot. You can create an account by clicking the Sign In link in the upper right corner of any Indeed page. Click Create an account free to register your account.

Another benefit of an Indeed account: once you've confirmed the email address for the account, you don't need to confirm any alerts created under this account.

If you do have an Indeed account

Use this page to manage your alerts. Click the edit link next to the alert you would like to change. Be sure to click Save Changes when you're finished.

We are improving the functionality of our Job Alerts page. If you have difficulty editing your job alerts, please contact us.

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