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What are Employer-Requested Assessments?

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Do you want to increase your chances of landing the right job? Complete employer-requested assessments. This page will guide you through assessment benefits, features, and actions. 


You've read about self-serve assessments. Another type of assessment is employer-requested. As part of the application process, employers will invite you to take skills tests.


  • Employer-requested assessments are free.*
  • You can demonstrate your proficiency in a relevant topic.
  • Help employers make faster hiring decisions.
  • Stand out among other candidates applying for the same position.
  • Most take 10 minutes or less.


Invitation email

Employers will send you an assessment invite email. You can complete the skills test on your own time.

Countdown timer

Shows the time remaining per question. It stops when you stop. Employers won't know how long it took you to finish the assessment.

Multiple choice questions and answers

Choose the best answer out of four choices.

Written responses

Add a response to a text field. You also have the option to record a response.


Share your results

Did you complete the assessment before? Check the assessment email invite. If there's an Available for retake message, you can redo the assessment or share your old score.

See You're all finished when you click the assessment? That means your previous results were automatically shared. It's not possible to retake this assessment.

Important: Is the dashboard missing the completed assessment scores? We may have updated the skills test, so if you don't see it, you'll need to retake it.

Hide from employers

Use the assessment privacy settings on your dashboard

Tip: Make your scores visible to employers by setting your resume to Searchable.

Opt out

When invited, selecting Don't submit assessment results for this job opts you out of the assessment portion of the job application. Your application process will be incomplete.

Requesting an accommodation

You can get time extensions or request other accommodations on employer-requested assessments.


Question: Are employer-requested assessments required?

Answer: No. Skills tests may boost your application, but you don't have to take them.

Question: Do employers look at assessments?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is technical support available?

Answer: Yes. Find out how to solve technical issues before, during, or after taking an assessment.

Question: Can I retake an employer-requested assessment if I had an issue?

Answer: No. If you couldn't complete the assessment or had trouble, contact the employer. 

*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.

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