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What are Self-Serve Assessments?

Quick summary

Do you want to give your resume a boost? Our self-serve skills tests are the perfect way to highlight your top skills and make a lasting impression on employers. This page will guide you through assessment benefits, features, and actions. 


Self-serve assessments are short quizzes covering a wide range of topics. They're like an evaluation of your skills and abilities relevant to the job you want.


  • Self-serve assessments are free.*
  • Makes your resume stand out to employers.
  • Most take 10 minutes or less, depending on the topic.
Important: Your assessment experience might vary if an employer asks you to take it.


Indeed Resume integration

Included as a section on Indeed Resume.

In-progress or completed assessment dashboard

Shows what you've worked on.  

Privacy settings

Toggle the switch to help employers find your resume or keep it hidden.

Countdown timer

Shows the time remaining per question. It stops when you stop. 

Reset tool

Retake a test, within 6 months of enrolling. | Learn how

Multiple choice questions and answers

Choose the best answer out of four choices.

Written responses

Add a response to a text field. You also have the option to record a response. 


Question: Are there practice tests?

Answer: No, but each quiz starts with a practice question. 

Question: Can I cheat?

Answer: No. We regularly update assessments, set time limits, and allow one reset every six months. 

Question: Are there video responses?

Answer: Yes. Some assessments require you to interview yourself and submit this as a video.

Question: Are there troubleshooting tips?

Answer: Yes. Find out how to solve technical issues before, during, or after taking an assessment.

*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.

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