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FAQs: Employer Assessments

Quick summary

Employers may include skills tests in their application process. Questions you might ask about this type of skills test include:

Get technical support

I need to troubleshoot a technical problem. Can you help me solve this?

Yes. Learn more on this technical help support help page about employer-requested and self-serve assessments.

Sharing employer assessments

Do employers share assessment results with other employers?

No. Scores for Indeed Assessments can only be seen by the employer who sends them. An employer can't send your score to another employer.

Can I share my results on my profile? 

Yes. You can share your results so they appear on your profile.

Taking employer assessments

Will I get a confirmation that the employer got my results?

No. Your results are automatically sent to the employer after you take the assessment or share previous results.

Can Indeed resend the assessment invite email?

No. Check your spam folder first, then contact the employer.

What if I accidentally hit done before completing my assessment? Can I go back to it?

No. You won't be able to reopen the assessment. Contact the employer.

Do I need an Indeed Resume?

No. You can still take assessments as part of the application process if you upload your resume.

Retaking employer assessments

An employer gave me a skills test I've already taken. Do I need to retake it?

Maybe. Check to see if there's an Available for retake message in the invite email. If there is, you can retake it or share your old score. You'll need to retake the assessment if it’s been updated.

Privacy and visibility

I took an assessment for a job. Will employers see the results on my Indeed Resume?

Maybe. Your resume must be set to Searchable and Show to employers toggled to Yes Switch button is toggled on..

Can I have an assessment removed from my profile if it's been more than 6 months?

No, you can’t delete an assessment from your account. Toggle Show to employers to No Switch button is toggled off. to make your score private.

Requesting an accommodation

Can I request an accommodation?

Yes. You can get a time extension from Indeed or ask the employer for a different accommodation.

Need more help? Read about time extensions or employer accommodations.
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