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Technical Support: Self-Serve and Employer Assessments

Quick summary

Other job seekers sometimes report technical problems. This page is a collection of solutions to problems we've heard about.  

Browser issues

Problem: The assessment isn't opening on my phone.

Solution: Use the latest version of Chrome or Safari instead of the mobile app. Also, make sure you're signed in to the right account if you have more than one.

Problem: I get a 404 error. I'm trying to share my results.

Solution: Refresh the page by clicking Ctrl + F5 for Windows or Command + Shift + R for Mac. 404 errors are system issues or related to broken links in our system.

Problem: I use a Samsung device. I'm experiencing issues with the assessment.

Solution: Some browsers, like the one on Samsung devices, aren't compatible with our site. Check if your browser is up-to-date, or set your default browser to Google Chrome.

Desktop, tablet, or phone problems

Problem: I can't find my assessments using my iPad.

Solution: Check to see if you're using Indeed Resume. Another solution is to sign in using Chrome or Safari on your phone or tablet. 


Problem: The assessment keeps crashing when I take it.

Solution: Reopen the assessment from the email invite or from your profile to continue. You won't lose any time.


Problem: I speak English, but an employer asked me to take an assessment in French.

Solution: It might be from living in a country that speaks multiple languages. e.g., in Canada and Quebec. If you're using Indeed's platform, use your account's messages feature to contact the employer. They will need to resend the assessment in another language. 


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