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FAQs: Self-Serve Assessments

Quick summary

Strengthen your Indeed Resume by taking self-serve assessments from your account profile. Questions job seekers ask about this type of skills test include:

Technical support

I need to troubleshoot a technical problem. Can you help me solve this?

Yes. Get help with these common technical issues for both types of skills tests.

Viewing assessments in your profile

Can I see all my skills tests? Employers have asked me to take some, and I've taken some on my own.

Maybe. Assessments that are currently available in the library will be visible on your assessment dashboard. If Indeed has archived an assessment, it won't show up on your assessment dashboard.

Can I add an assessment to my uploaded resume file?

No. Convert it to an Indeed Resume first. Then you can access the Skills tests section.

Can I see my score?

Yes. View the results for your completed assessments in the Skills tests section if you have an Indeed Resume.

Can I find all the assessments I ever took, even dating back three years? 

No. Sometimes Indeed archives assessments if the information is out-of-date. This removes any scores from your dashboard.

Taking self-serve assessments

Can I choose assessments?

Yes. Click View all assessments in the Skills tests section to browse our assessment library. 

What if I didn't finish? Is my progress saved?

Yes. These will show as in-progress assessments on your dashboard.

What if I accidentally hit done? Can I still finish my skills test?

Yes. Return to your dashboard to continue.

Retaking self-serve assessments

It's been a couple of months since I last took an assessment. Can I retake it?

Yes. Use the reset tool if it's been less than 6 months.

It's been a year since I last took an assessment. Can I retake it from my profile?

No. You'll need to wait for an employer to invite you.

Privacy and visibility

I took an assessment on my own. Will employers see the results on my Indeed Resume? 

Maybe. Your resume must be set to Searchable, and toggle Show to employers to Yes Switch button is toggled on..

Can I delete an assessment from my profile? I took it more than 6 months ago.

No, you can't delete an assessment, but you can hide it. Toggle Show to employers to No Switch button is toggled off. on your dashboard.

Requesting an accommodation

Can I request extra time?

No. We don't offer time extensions for self-serve assessments. We encourage you to retake it if you're not satisfied with your score if it's been less than six months.

I know you can't offer time extensions for self-serve assessments. Can I get another kind of accommodation?

No, when employers invite you, you can request an alternative accommodation from them.

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