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Employer Assessments: Alternative Accommodation Requests

Quick summary

It's not uncommon for employers to ask you to take skills tests while applying. Job seekers sometimes need accommodations, like a time extension or other support. Remember, this accommodation request should be a direct conversation between you and the employer. Let's go over how to request this.

How to submit a request

  1. Look for this subject line in your inbox: You got a request from [the employer].
  2. Click or tap Start test in the email.
  3. Look under the Continue button for the Accessibility and accommodations link.
  4. Request accommodations from the employer and Confirm request
  5. Indeed will let the employer know.

What's next?

Wait for the employer to contact you. It's up to them to explain available accommodations.


Problem: I accidentally clicked the accessibility and accommodations link. Can I undo this?

Solution: No, the assessment remains locked until the employer resends an invitation to you. 

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