Saving Job Searches to Your Account

Save your search results to My jobs. Learn how to organize your favorite jobs in your account.

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The Saved section gives you a way to keep track of the jobs you’re most interested in. In this article you'll learn about:


Save or remove a job

  1. Make sure you're signed in and search for a job.
  2. Here's how to save a favorite job. 
    • Desktop: Click the heart icon Outline of heart button means a job is unsaved. or the 3 dots Button that opens the options menu.. Remove it by clicking them again.
    • Mobile: Tap the heart icon. Tap this icon Filled-in heart button means a job is saved. again to unsave or delete it.
Important: You may see a bookmark icon Outline of bookmark button means a job is unsaved. instead of a heart icon.


Review your saved searches

  1. Go to your account.
    • Desktop: Click the person icon Person icon opens the options menu.
    • Mobile: Tap the menu icon Three horizontal lines button opens the options menu.
  2. Select My jobs.
Did you know? If you're switching between devices, make sure you're using the same account to access My jobs.


Decide on your next steps

ApplyJob listing appearing in the Saved folder. There are buttons for Apply now, unsave, or move to another section..

Click or tap Apply now to start your application using Indeed's Hiring Platform. The Apply on company site button starts the process on the employer's website.

Important: You may see what's in the screenshot or something similar.


Switch from Saved to Applied.

Hosted and indexed jobs move differently after applying. Here's how it works:

  • Apply now: Jobs automatically move into the Applied section. You don't need to take any action.
  • Apply on company site: My jobs will update the status for you when you answer the question: Did you complete your application?

In either case, click or tap the 3 dots Button that opens the options menu. near the job title and Move to Applied or Report Job.


Problem: I’m logged in and every time I try to move a job, I see a “Failed to move job” error.

One possible solution is to disable Adblock if you're using Chrome. Read more on Chrome's support page.

Problem: I can’t see a job I saved.

Check to see which Indeed account you're signed in to if you have more than one account.


Why do my saved jobs disappear?

To keep things tidy, we remove saved jobs that are older than 6 months.

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