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My Jobs: Tracking Your Interviews

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So far you've saved search results to your account and have tracked your application activity. Now you'll probably want to manage your Interviews. This page will show you:

Viewing and managing your job interviews

Important: Interviews are listed in My Jobs when you use Indeed's Hiring Platform. Other interviews will not appear in this section.


My Jobs lets you track hosted and indexed interviews. Your Virtual Hiring Event signups also show up here.

Apply now jobs

Also called hosted jobs, these are posted on Indeed by employers. After scheduling with an employer, these jobs will automatically move to the Interviews section.

Here jobs will have real-time labels that reflect your application status. Here's a list of the labels only you will see:

  • Applied
  • Not selected by employer
  • Interview starts in 4 hours
  • Canceled by you
  • Canceled by employer
  • It’s time to join your interview

You can Join, Reschedule, or Cancel interviews you've scheduled on Indeed's Hiring Platform from the Interviews section.

Apply on company site jobs

Indexed jobs work a little differently than the hosted job experience you just read about.

You won't see Apply on company site jobs automatically appear in Interviews if you completed the application on the employer's website.

Keep track of your status on a personal device, or manually select an application status label in the Applied section.

Here's how:

  1. Go into your Applied section.
  2. Click or tap Update status.
  3. Select Interviewing.

You can't Join, Reschedule, or Cancel interviews you've scheduled on other sites from the Interviews section.

Virtual Hiring Events

Some Virtual Hiring Events work like hosted jobs. These are the ones you Schedule an interview for and that take place on Indeed's Hiring Platform. 

These will automatically appear in your Interviews.

You can also Join interview or Reschedule or Cancel your registration for the hiring event from the Interviews section.

Did you know? Test your device and View interview prep under Interview Services.

Keep a record of past interviews

Apply Now jobs and Virtual Hiring Events

After your interview, these jobs or events will stay in this section under Past interviews. You don't need to do anything.

Apply on Company Site jobs

When the interview is over:

  1. Click or tap the 3 dots Button that opens the resume option menu. near the job title.
  2. Select Archive.


Problem: I need to troubleshoot audio and video interviews.

Solution: This Help Center’s troubleshooting guide answers common questions and problems you might encounter.

Problem: I accidentally cancelled my interview.

Solution: If you cancelled an Apply now or hiring event interview by mistake, go back to My jobs. Try scheduling a new interview by clicking on the job title in the Interviews section. You may also be able to message the employer on Indeed.

Problem: I don't see my interview in the Interviews section.

Solution: Was this an Apply now job? Or was it on the company's site? If you clicked on the company site, check your Applied section for the job and interview details.


Question: Can you resend my interview confirmation email?

Answer: No, we aren't able to resend these. If the interview is taking place on Indeed's Hiring Platform it should automatically appear in Interviews.

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