Virtual Events: Searching and Scheduling Interviews

Learn how to find and sign up for virtual hiring events without leaving Indeed. Browse events to connect with employers faster.

Did you know? If you're an employer, learn how to interview candidates using our hiring platform.


What this article is about

Virtual Hiring Events help you to be proactive in your job search. In this article learn how to skip parts of the application process and directly contact employers.

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What are virtual hiring events?


Virtual interviews let employers connect with job seekers when they're not located in the same place. Think of virtual interviews as personal online job fairs.


  • Talk about job requirements with potential employers using chat, video, or phone
  • Prompt interviews with employers

Other potential benefits might include:

  • Same day offers
  • Signing bonuses

Now that you know what to expect, you can start your search.


Starting your job search for hiring events

Search for hiring events using quotation marks. This is an advanced search technique.

Add other keywords to the What The eyeglass icon is where you enter keywords. field for specific titles. Enter a location in the Where The map pin icon is where you enter a location. field to change your job radius.

Mobile job search for 'virtual hiring event.' in Austin, TX.

What's this? This is what you'd see on the mobile app.


Did you know? Some hiring events may take place at a specific location. For these events, employers may use the words onsite or on-site. Try varying your search in the What field.


Evaluating your search results

After you search, you're going to see results that show hiring events hosted by Indeed. You'll also see hiring events hosted by employers on their websites.

  • Virtual hiring events are hosted by Indeed.
  • Apply on company site hiring events will link you to the employer's website to sign up. You won't use Indeed to manage your interview.


What to look for in a job listing

  • "Virtual hiring event" in the job title
  • Directly schedule interview label
  • Schedule an interview button

The job listing's title is Registered Nurse Virtual Hiring Event and it has a Directly schedule interview label.

Important: You may see what's in the screenshot or something similar.


What to look for in a job description

  • Job details and Interview details sections
  • Virtual or in-person interview label
  • Apply now button or Schedule an interview button

This is an example of what you might see in the job description.

The Interview details section of the job description includes information about whether the interview is virtual or in person, the date and time of the interview, and the estimated duration of the interview.


Registering for a hiring event

  1. Click or tap the Schedule an interview button.
  2. Answer a few questions in a questionnaire, if asked.
  3. Select a time to schedule an interview.
  4. Review your information on Indeed.
  5. Check your inbox for an interview email confirmation.


I need to find the location of my onsite hiring event. Who do I contact?

If you need to get in touch with the employer beforehand, check their company's website for contact information.

I'm having issues with my audio and video settings.

Read these troubleshooting tips if you're having technical issues.


Can I see if I'm signed up for a virtual hiring event using Indeed's hiring platform?

Yes. Check the Interviews tab of My jobs. You can also look for a confirmation email in your inbox.

Can I see if I'm signed up for a virtual hiring event using someone else's hiring system?


Can I share my resume with the employer?

Yes. Using Indeed's chat feature, you can upload your resume file and share it during the interview.

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