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Indeed’s Mobile Apps: What You Need to Know

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Indeed offers several apps to help you in your job search. This page lists what you can download to a phone, its purpose, and its actions.


Indeed Job Search

This app helps you search, apply, interview, and connect with employers.

Company Reviews

Find jobs and salaries by company.

Indeed 360

Search for companies, read job ratings, and post reviews to over 300,000 workplaces and jobs.

VetReady Job Board

This app is for job seekers with military experience or who seek a military-friendly job.

Indeed Flex

Find temporary work quickly.


Search app stores

Download Indeed's apps in Google Play, the Apple Store, and the Galaxy app store.

Tip: Review this tech support page if your app crashes or has performance issues.

Download the latest versions


Apple lists the latest iOS version and instructions in its Help Center. 


Review Google's Help Center for the latest Android OS versions and how to update the app. 

Change languages

These apps are available in more than 28 languages. The list is available in the app store.


Question: Is dark mode available?

Answer: No, not at this time, but we are actively working on releasing this in the future.

Question: Can I change the language?

Answer: Yes. Click the menu in the top right corner and scroll down to Change country.

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