The Indeed Work Happiness Score

Find out how work wellbeing can help you make smarter decisions about where to apply.

Did you know? If you’re an employer, the Work Happiness Score can help you know what you’re doing right and what you might want to work on.


What to expect in this article

Wellbeing at work is important for job seekers. One way employees can share how they feel about their employer is by taking Indeed’s work happiness survey prior to leaving a Company Review. A company's Work Happiness Score is generated from the survey responses.

Here are some ideas and common questions that can help you understand what this score means:


The score and the survey

First, let’s talk about the survey. When you go to write a Company Review, you’ll be asked to respond to a 15-question work happiness survey. Survey scores gauge employee satisfaction with their employers.

When searching for jobs, you may want to view an employer’s Company Page to learn more about them. The Work Happiness Score tells you how others have felt working for that employer.


Two kinds of ratings

  1. Company Reviews. Job seekers rate their employers on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. They may add additional comments to supplement their rating.
  2. Work Happiness Score. This score is out of 100 points and represented by a weather symbol. The greater the number, the higher the employee satisfaction.


What employee wellness means to Indeed

Indeed breaks down work happiness into 15 different dimensions, including work satisfaction, flexibility, and inclusion. 

See full report in the Snapshot section of a Company Page. This goes into the scores for each happiness dimension.


Why wellbeing is a useful measurement

Many of us spend a significant part of our lives at work. You want a job that aligns with your values. 

For example, if professional growth is important to you, look for an organization where employees report a high learning score. Are you looking for a welcoming environment? Find companies that rank high in inclusion.


The score can help you find the right company.

The score can help you decide whether you’d be happy working for a certain employer.

If certain dimensions aren’t ranked as highly as you may like, maybe it’s worth looking at other employers.


Share your previous or current work experience

Write a review for a past or current employer. Find your company by searching our Company Pages, or take the survey directly. Your participation could help other job seekers make more informed career choices.


  1. Is there a way to sort a job search by Work Happiness Score?
    No, right now you won’t be able to filter or sort results using this rating.

  2. Why doesn’t the company I’m interested in have a Work Happiness Score?
    If only a few people review the company and participate in the survey, you won’t see a Work Happiness Score.

  3. Why do different locations of the same company have different happiness ratings?
    The type of company impacts whether there are enough reviews to generate a Work Happiness Score. For example, big companies may have this rating, but franchises owned and operated by different individuals, may not.

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