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How Do I Know My Application Was Viewed?

Depending on the job you applied to, you may receive notifications in the My Jobs section of your Indeed Account indicating that an application has been viewed and/or actioned by an employer. You can learn more about application statuses in the My Jobs Section Overview

To view the current status of an application submitted directly through Indeed, first navigate to your My Jobs page and select the 'Applied' folder. In your 'Applied' folder you will see all of the jobs you've applied to directly through our site while signed in to your account. Any time an employer takes action on or updates the status of your application, you will see that status next to the job posting. Here you can also manually update the status of your applications by clicking the 'Update’ button to the right of the posting. 

If you would like to follow up on your application, we encourage you to reach out to the employer directly, as Indeed is not involved in the hiring process for postings listed on our site. If you find a job posting on Indeed but are directed to a third-party site in order to apply, know that we are unable to track whether the employer has viewed your application, and you will need to contact the employer directly for any application status updates.

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