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About Jobs on Indeed: What You Need to Know

This page takes an in-depth look at the different jobs listed on Indeed. We'll break down your job search results.

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In previous pages, we’ve explored getting help with the quality of your job matches. On this page, we explain the difference between hosted jobs and indexed jobs. We also answer frequently asked job seeker questions at the end of the page.

What are hosted jobs?

Jobs listed as Apply now are posted by employers on Indeed.

What are indexed jobs?

Do you see a button that says Apply on company site? It’s like we scan the World Wide Web for jobs and pull them into your Indeed search results.


Applying to a hosted job: what to expect

  1. Communicate safely with employers from Messages.
  2. Application status will be auto-tracked in My jobs.
  3. Receive confirmation emails so you know your application was submitted.
  4. Proactively take assessments so employers who posted jobs can see your scores.
  5. If you request a copy of your data, you'll get a complete list of Apply now jobs you've applied for.
Did you know? We may remove jobs from search results if they appear fraudulent or seem suspicious.


Filter hosted jobs

Look for the Easily apply label in your search results. If you're using the app, you can use this as a filter.


Applying to indexed jobs: what you might expect

  1. Indeed will send you to the employer's applicant tracking system (ATS) if you click or tap the Apply on company site button.
  2. If you apply on an employer's site, you won't receive communication from Indeed about your application status.
  3. You'll use your personal communication channels to keep the employer updated.
  4. They may communicate with you through their hiring platform, or they may email you directly.
Did you know? You can use Indeed in other languages and locales. See the available list of countries at


Is Indeed free?

Yes, Indeed is a free search and interview tool.

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