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FAQs: Creating, Uploading, and Managing a Resume

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These are common questions from other job seekers. Can I save multiple resume versions? What happens if I send an employer the wrong resume? What are my formatting options?

Writing a resume

Can someone help me write my resume?

Yes, our resume professionals can help.

Can someone review my resume?

Yes. Professional reviews cost $35. You can also get an Instant Resume Report for free.

Can I download resume templates and samples?

Yes. Visit Career Guide to download templates.

Can I create a resume without much effort?

Yes, we have two free resume-building wizards: Indeed Resume and this online resume builder.

Can I create my resume using a graphic design program?

No. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) can’t read every format and layout. Use these accepted file formats.

Uploading a resume

Can I update my application? I sent an employer the wrong resume.

No. If you applied with the incorrect resume, you’ll need to contact the company directly.

Can I upload multiple resumes to my Indeed account?

No. At this time, it isn’t possible to upload, save, or add multiple resumes. We recommend saving each copy to your desktop computer or another device.

I deleted my Indeed Resume. Can you send me my old copy?

No, we can't store copies of previous resumes. Once it's been deleted, we can't recover it.

I just uploaded my resume. Can I upload a cover letter, too?

No. You can't upload a cover letter to your Indeed Profile.

Editing or updating a resume

I created an Indeed Resume. Can I change the format? 

No. Indeed’s Resume Builder only has one format. Upload a new file if you want a different one. Use this resume wizard or visit Career Guide for templates.

Printing a resume

Can I print my resume using an Apple or Android device? 

Yes. Go to your account's resume section. Open the Resume options menu and choose Download. Follow the Apple or Android printing steps.

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