FAQs: Creating, Managing, and Posting a Resume

These are common questions from other job seekers. Can I save multiple resume versions? What happens if I send an employer the wrong resume? What are my formatting options?

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Getting help writing a resume

Can someone help me write my resume?

Yes, our resume professionals can help. It can take between 2 to 5 days. Ready to start? Connect with Indeed’s Career Services.

Can I download resume templates and samples?

Yes, anyone can download resume templates and examples from Indeed’s Career Guide. We’ve collected a variety of industries and job title samples. Visit Career Guide to download a free template.

Does Indeed have resume wizards? I want to create a resume without much effort. 

Yes, we have two free resume-building wizards.

  1. The first option is Indeed's Resume Builder included in your account.
  2. If you want a different template, use this online resume builder so you can create different sections, change the format, and add different styles. Be sure to download it to your desktop or device. 
Did you know? You need to use Indeed Resume and build or convert an uploaded resume if you want access Skills tests. In this section you can take Assessments and see your scores using Chrome, Safari, or another browser.

Can someone review my resume?

Yes. You can get a professional review for only $19. We'll edit your submitted resume up to 3 times. Follow this link to learn more about how to start a professional resume review.

How do I get my resume reviewed for free?

You can get an Instant Resume Report by converting your PDF to an Indeed Resume.


Uploading or replacing an existing resume

What if I sent an employer an outdated or incorrect resume? How can I update my application?

If you uploaded your resume to your Indeed account but you applied on the company's website, you’ll need to contact the company and send the recruiter an updated resume.

What if I used an employer website to apply and need to send them an updated resume?

You'll have to contact the company if you used their site's application system or ATS.

Can I upload multiple resumes to my Indeed account? I want to keep different versions.

No. At this time, it isn’t possible to upload, save, or add multiple resumes. We recommend saving each copy to your desktop computer or another device.

I deleted another version of my resume. Can you send me my old copy?

No, once the resume has been deleted, we have no way to recover it.

Does Indeed's Hiring Platform let me add other files besides a resume?

Yes, you can upload cover letters, references, and other files when you click or tap Apply now


Changing a resume format

I used Indeed Resume in my account. If I used this wizard, can I change the format? 

No. Indeed’s Resume Builder, which is a feature in your account, only has one format. If you want to use a different format, upload a new version using this resume builder or visit Career Guide.


Viewing my resume

Can I see when an employer has reviewed my resume?

Maybe. If it was an Apply now job, you’ll see Employer contacted me or Interviewing in My jobs.

What can I do to make sure employers don’t see my resume?

Follow these steps to change your resume privacy settings and choose Searchable on Indeed or Not searchable on Indeed.

Employers downloaded my resume, but they’re asking for a new copy. It’s distorted and there are splotches all over the images.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can’t always scan or download a resume with multiple columns or graphics. Don't take a picture of your resume and upload it. Here are some other best practices we recommend when uploading a resume.


Saving a resume

Do you save copies of old resumes I uploaded? 

No, we don’t save your old or previous versions. Be sure to save your file before to converting it to an Indeed Resume since we won't save the original file after it's changed.


Downloading and printing a resume

How do I print my resume using an Apple or Android device? 

Go to your account's resume section. Look for the 3 dots Button that opens the options menu. to open Resume options. Choose Download, then follow the printing steps for Apple or Android.

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