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Requesting or Deleting Your Data

Quick summary

You've closed your Indeed account. Now, do you want to permanently delete it? Get the process started by submitting the Personal Data Request form. By using this form, you can tell us to delete your data, send a copy of it to you, or both.

Our commitment to privacy

Before getting started, we want you to be aware of our commitment to your job search safety. That's why we disclose the following in your account's Privacy Settings:

  • Data we collect
  • How your data is used and disclosed,
  • Cookie policy
  • How to access and delete your data using the Personal Data Request form.
  • Resume privacy settings
  • How to unsubscribe from employer calls

In your account, go to Settings and Privacy settings to learn more.

Get started

Use the form to submit your request

Follow the instructions provided in the Personal Data Request form.

You can request a copy of your personal data anytime from these job search apps and websites.  

  • Indeed
  • Indeed Hire in Japan
  • RescueMyResumes
  • Resume Perfector 
  • SimplyHired

Next, check your inbox.

Before completing the task, we'll email a receipt to you. We need to verify that you're the account holder.

Do you have questions? We'd encourage you to contact Indeed’s Privacy Department.

How long does it take to complete the request?

Each request takes about a month.

Important: We recommend requesting a copy of your data before you delete your account.


Question: Can I close my account without deleting my personal data?

Answer: Yes, you can close your account. Look for a Close my account link in your profile.

Question: How do I delete all of my data? I don’t plan to use Indeed in the future.

Answer: Fill out the Personal Data Request form. We’ll delete all of your data and your account once we receive that request.

Question: What if I change my mind and want to use Indeed later, but my data is deleted? Can I still use Indeed?

Answer: Yes, but it will be like starting over again. You can use Indeed and even create a new account.

Question: Can I use this to see what jobs I applied to on other company sites?

Answer: No. This request will only give you a history of your Apply now job applications.

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