How to Delete or Request a Copy of Your Data

Use the Personal Data Request form for either or both.


You’re welcome to request a copy of your personal data at any time. This is a partial list of where your data may be stored.

  • Indeed
  • Indeed Hire in Japan
  • RescueMyResumes
  • Resume Perfector 
  • SimplyHired

You can see the full list on the form, and then follow these steps below.


Here’s where you can request your data.


Next, check your inbox.

We’ll email you a copy to verify you as the account holder. After submitting your request, contact Indeed’s Privacy Department with other questions.


It takes about a month to complete your request.

Whether you request a copy of your data, or you want us to delete it, it’ll be done in about a month.

As part of the data deletion process, we’ll also close your account. This means you’ll no longer have access to your:

  • Resume
  • Application history
  • Account settings, like job alerts
  • Past and present assessment scores
  • Messages from employers

Important: We recommend requesting a copy of your data before you delete your account.


  1. Can I close my account without deleting my personal data?
    Yes, you can close your account. Look for a Close account link in your profile.

  2. How do I delete all of my data? I don’t plan to use Indeed in the future.
    Fill out the Personal Data Request form. We’ll delete all of your data and your account once we receive that request.

  3. What if I change my mind and want to use Indeed later, but my data is deleted? Can I still use Indeed?
    you can use Indeed and even create a new account.

  4. Can I use this to see what jobs I applied to on other company sites?
    This request will only give you a history of your Apply now job applications.

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