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Why are jobs missing from my ‘Applied’ jobs folder?

There are multiple reasons why a job you have applied to may be missing under your 'Applied jobs' section in My Jobs. You can review the possible scenarios below:

  • You found a job description with an 'Apply on company site' button and applied on another site
  • You applied to a role that allows you to send your Indeed CV to the employer but the entire process is not completed on our platform
  • You applied on an Indeed country site different from the one your Indeed Profile was created on. For example, if you applied to a job in Gibraltar using, that job will not appear in the My Jobs section on the UK site
  • You applied for a job more than six months ago. The page will automatically remove jobs older than six months

If you would like to add any jobs that may not have automatically been moved to your ‘Applied jobs’ you can do so by following the steps outlined in the My Jobs Section Overview article.


Jobs Older Than Six Months

If you are looking for applied jobs older than six months, you may request access to your personal data by filling out the Personal Data Request form and selecting “A copy of your personal data”. Once submitted, you should receive another email from Indeed asking you to confirm your request and providing instructions for how to do so. Please note, we will not begin processing your request until you confirm your request.

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